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A teenager in Florida (15 year old Willow Tufano) wanted to purchase a home. She worked hard to make money by fixing free items she received and then selling them for cash. She is too young to actually be on the title to any home, but her Mother is lending her name to make the deal happen. Willow made national headlines after she bought her first home and now she has just bought her 2nd home.
It looks like now there could be a possible reality show coming.

This is an absolute rarity especially in Colorado Springs since homes cannot be purchased for $19,000. I wish that could happen here but no such luck. Watching this teenager purchase a home is really only a testament as to what can be accomplished in your younger years in Colorado Springs if only you would put your mind to it and work hard. It is not impossible to own a home at 19-20 or 21 years old in Colorado Springs. WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

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