Our Real Estate Philosophies

Guarantee our services in writing

Listen to sellers needs and give honest opinions and advice

Complete a thorough analysis to determine highest potential price

Provide an extensive marketing campaign to the virtual world

Spend more money marketing homes than 95% of other realtors

Market to the local real estate community (3,000+ realtors)

Pre-qualify all potential buyers before presenting any offers

Communicate all property feedback with seller

Negotiate the best price using investment negotiating techniques

Thoroughly review all documents for accuracy or potential problems

Find Out What Your Home Is Worth

We can’t stress enough how important knowing how much your home is worth before putting it on the market for sale. We will give you a professional analysis of your current home value so you can list your home for the best possible price.

The Difference Us vs Them

How We Get Top Dollar For Your Home

Video Tour We Create For Your Home

Client Testimonials

After having my home for months and months on the market with a large realty firm and not one offer, I hired Rob and Brenda to sell my home. They had an offer in just a few days. Less talk and more action. Way to go! Note: Their home was on the market (vacant) for 5 months with a large firm with no results. We listed their home using professional photos and an HD video that was blasted all over the internet. We sold it in 11 days.
Richard and Linda S.
To say “Job Well Done” would be an understatement. In one of the worst real estate markets in a very long time, you sold our home in less than two weeks and sold it at the price we were looking for. Being a former residential house appraiser I know you recommended a realistic asking price and then negotiated an excellent selling price. When the buyer became a bit skittish you proceeded to keep the deal in place. Note: Their Home was on the market almost a year with another agent. Great home….All it needed was professional marketing. It sold quick once we were hired!
Jeff G
We are an active duty Army family. We hired Rob to sell our home. We hired him because of the his professionalism. We were under considerable time constraint. Rob was always prompt and did what he said he would. It was all we could ask of a person with the time frame he had to work with. Robs team was aggressive to meet our needs. He even took time on his day off to show us homes to buy. We are now in our new home and very happy with the service that Rob was able to provide.
Ross and Noel M
Rob provided the best service possible, and made the sale of my house easy and pleasant. I recommend him in the highest possible terms. He is honest, trustworthy, and highly professional in his approach, in addition to being very personable. If you’re looking for a quality realtor, Rob is your man.
Randy W
My absolute favorite agent. We are in the military and have had a lot of agents…no one compares. Down to earth, great communicator and super knowledgeable. You can not go wrong with Rob! Note: We helped them purchase a home and then sold it several years later when they moved out of State. They have since referred 5 of their friends who we have helped as well.
Rob and Beth H.

The Selling Process

The first thing we will do is schedule a time to come and view your home to determine its condition in order to compare it to the competition and other homes that have sold in the area. We will also give advice as to what can be done to make the home as buyer friendly as possible in order to yield the highest price possible, e.g., staging, small repairs, de-cluttering, maybe some paint, carpet, etc. These recommendations do not necessarily mean that we feel the home is in bad shape or in need, they are just recommendations that we feel will help get the highest price. It is similar to selling a car. Before you sell it, you may want to have it thoroughly cleaned, waxed and detailed, as well as, fix small items such as a broken antennae or squeaky belt. Otherwise, someone will offer you much less for a cheap fix.
Appraising a home’s value is no science. You can have 3 professionals do a thorough analysis of value on your home and come up with 3 different values. They may not be too far off from each other, but they may differ none the less. Our approach to the analysis is answering one simple question: “What is the highest possible price this home could sell for in todays market?” We will also analyze that question in multiple ways: “How much can this home sell for in “as is” condition?” and “How much can this home sell for with some new carpet or paint?” etc. Sometimes, it may be best to sell “as is” to yield the most profit depending on the cost to do repairs or upgrades. Once we have a complete analysis and determined our opinion of “highest possible” price. We will present that to you. Then you can make a decision as to how much you want to ask for based on our findings.
Once we have an asking price determined, we will come to your home to take professional pictures and a professional HD video. The pictures will be used on the actual marketed listing to be distributed all over the internet. The HD video will require about 48 hours of editing/production time after filming in order to ensure the highest quality possible.
When a potential buyer see’s your home and decides to take a look, they will call their Realtor (Any Realtor in Town) to request a showing. That Realtor will call our showing receptionists to schedule the showing. They usually will give at least an hour notice and then schedule a time frame of an hour for the viewing (example: 3:00-4:00 pm). Our receptionists will give the showing Realtor instructions that we have provided. For example: Must confirm with owner, friendly dog named “Spike” that will be in the garage, do not lock the garage door to the house, remove shoes or wear booties provided, turn off all lights, lock up, etc. We will determine these instructions based on your situation. Then the receptionists will call you to confirm the time frame of the showing and give the showing agent the o.k. to show.
When our receptionists call to let you know that you have a showing and you are home, you will want to clean up, turn on all of the lights and leave the home for that hour. This will allow the buyers to come in and speak freely among themselves without any seller intimidation. I cannot count how many times I have personally been showing a home to a buyer where the sellers follow us around telling us about the home. By the time we walk out, the buyers can hardly remember anything. It was because the buyers did not feel free to really look around and discuss. The buyers could not picture themselves in the home with the seller present. It was seen as just someone’s home.
We will place an electronic lock box on your front door with a key inside. Each licensed Realtor who belongs to the Pikes Peak Board of Realtors will have an electronic key that can access the lock box. When it is opened, an electronic signature will allow us to know who has accessed the key for your protection.
Throughout the time we are marketing and showing your home, we will request feedback from the buyer’s agent as to what the buyers thought of the property. We will ask questions like: What did your buyers think of the condition? What did you think of the price? How did the home compare to others you showed? We will send that feedback to you via e-mail. If there is something that we can change to get it sold, it may be worth changing or telling the buyer that we can change it. If the feedback states that the buyer had no interest due to an unchangeable item, such as, location or floor plan, etc. then we simply thank them for viewing the home.
When we receive an offer, we will verify that the buyer is pre-qualified with a reputable lender before accepting or negotiating. Once we have a pre-qualification letter in hand, we can proceed to negotiating or accepting the contract.
Once the property is under contract, we will collect an earnest deposit from the buyers to place in our escrow accounts (normally about 1% of purchase price). This earnest money is credited back to the buyer at closing. The only time the earnest money may be forfeited to the seller is if the buyer proceeds through all the due diligence items in the contract to the end and backs out beyond the legal dates specified in the contract. While under contract we will order all the title work to be sent to all parties. At this time we will also send all the sellers disclosures to the buyer. You can see the names of those disclosures at the end of this section.
During the contract phase of an average of 30 days, the buyer will complete several due diligence items before closing on the deal. These due diligence items are the following: inspection, title review, association and covenant review, appraisal, secure insurance and in some cases a survey. If there are problems in these areas, the buyer has the right to ask the seller to either correct some of these items or terminate the contract all together. Almost always, we will have the chance to review the buyer objections and figure out how to meet their needs without killing the contract. Most of the time those objections can be negotiated.
The buyers will complete a final walk through just before closing to verify that the home is clean and ready for move in. They will also verify the negotiated inspection items or repairs that were made. We believe that it is best for the seller to thoroughly clean the home and even have the carpets professionally cleaned before this walk through.
We will meet at a title company with the buyers and their agent to sign all the paperwork for the closing of the home. We will get to review all the paperwork for accuracy and you will sign the home over to the buyers. Once the signing is complete, all keys will be turned over to the buyers and you will walk out a happy seller.
Square Footage Disclosure Water Source Addendum Sellers Disclosure (A questionnaire regarding all aspects of the home) Closing Instructions Lead Based Paint Disclosure (If Applicable)

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