How Video Will Sell Your Home

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Today we live in a virtual world. It is unbelievable how many billions of views just one site such as receives each day. Take in all the social media sites together and it becomes unfathomable how much time is spent watching videos. When it comes to selling homes in Colorado Springs, making a video for the entire world to see is the key to selling a home faster and at the highest price.

When buyers are looking at property listings on the internet and run across a home with a video, they will spend more time watching that video rather than just a few clicks through a couple pictures. The longer they are engaged with your listing the better. Watching the video becomes more of an experience to the buyer. If the video attracts them to view the home, they will be more emotionally attached before walking through. This experience increases the odds for the seller getting a good offer. In some cases, video has actually sold homes to buyers site unseen.

Now, Will any video work even if it is from a cell phone? The answer is no. If there is a poor video, it may hurt your listing. Here is what we do to make sure that your home will showcase and prompt a quick sale.

1) We are professional videographers. Poor lighting and shaky camera work will make your home look bad. Not every Realtor has the proper video equipment.

2) The video must highlight the best parts of the home. Just an average walk through from the front door to every bedroom isn’t what captures a buyers attention. The best parts of the home that are highlighted will draw the buyers to want to see more. Our goal is to get them in the door.

3) Aerial video puts a different perspective of the neighborhood. There may be parks in the area, great views and open space that cannot be seen from the sidewalk in front of the home. We use Aerial video equipment in  our  Colorado Springs Real Estate marketing. Aerial video really enhances the buyers experience while watching the video.

Our video marketing makes such an impact in selling homes in Colorado Springs that I would like to invite you to do a little experiment to see for yourself. If you would go to and type in the search box, Colorado Springs Real Estate and/or Colorado Springs Realtor you will see the top channel that youtube believes is the most relevant channel in Colorado Springs. Then, scroll down the page to see who dominates the home video market in Colorado Springs. Once you do that, you will know who to call when you need a Realtor to market your home for top dollar.

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