Hail Storm in Colorado Springs

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We have had a series of several large hail storms in the last few days. If you are living in the Colorado Springs real estate market you are going to want to call your insurance company to have your roof and siding checked out. The insurance company may be paying for a new roof and a new paint job on your home.

When hail hits your roof, it tears a small hole or makes an indention in your shingles. This hole will get larger over time and could cause your roof to leak if not replaced. The shingles that are used today are what they call “30 year dimensional” shingles. These shingles are smaller in size and when placed on your roof, look like multiple different sizes. If you walk outside to look at your roof and notice that all your shingles are one size and they are interlocked within each other, you have what they call “T lock” shingles. If you have “T lock” shingles, you may undoubtedly need a new roof. T lock shingles are not made anymore and have not been made in a long time (maybe 10 years). We have had many hail storms in the last 10 years and a roof with “T lock” shingles has more than likely been damaged. You will need to call your insurance company for sure.

Watch Out Who You Hire

When we have large hail storms it is broadcast across the nation. There will be 1,000’s of speculating contractors converging on our city in the next 7 days. It is almost like the gold rush in the 1800’s. There is money to be made in Colorado Springs starting the day after the hail storm. Since these contractors are not from the local area, they have no established marketing campaign or referral list to get them going….so….the next best thing for them to do is to walk door to door to tell you that you need a new roof. Now, I am not against this tactic and am certainly not against outside companies coming to our rescue, however we must be careful. Make sure you check out who they are and confirm that they are legit. Anyone can come to your door claiming to be a roofer and request a deposit to get started on your roof. That deposit may not ever be seen again. So when hiring a roofer or painter, take the following precautions.

1) Get their card and verify that they are licensed. http://www.pprbd.org/

2) Make sure you get a copy of their liability insurance.

3) Make sure you get a contract that is signed. Do not accept a blank contract.

4) Never give them money until you have checked out items 1-3. You may even want to call the company to verify that the representative at your door truly works with them. Get the company phone number from the internet or phone book, not from the representatives business card.

5) Choose a company that requires no deposit or just a material deposit not to exceed 1/2 of the total contract estimate.

6) Make sure that a permit is pulled by the contractor.


7) Ask to choose your roofing color.

8)  Make sure that the final inspection is completed by regional building. This can take several weeks after roof completion, so be patient.

9) Finally, make your checks payable to the company.

If you are painting your home, follow the same guidelines above.

We will be seeing a lot of construction in the coming months. As devastating as these storms have been, there is a positive side, in that, we will see a boost in our local economy this year.

By: Rob Reinmuth


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