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Reading The Foreclosure Lists

Foreclosure Process and Purchasing Windows

Each property has been in default for at least 5-12 months and was advertised 5 consecutive weeks in 4 public newspapers before foreclosure. The foreclosure sale is every Wednesday at 10:00 am located at the public trustee’s office. All bidders must have cash at the table in order to bid on properties. Note: All properties on the list may not be the 1st Lien holders bid. A second mortgage or other lien holder can foreclose as well.

DO NOT attempt to bid on properties without expert advice. Every week we help investors and other homeowners bid on properties or make offers direct to the bank. We have seen inexperienced buyers bid on 2nd mortgages and lose $125,000 in 10 minutes. We are giving you these lists for reference only. There are many facets to the foreclosure process. We will give you some of the basics to help you find a deal. Then, please contact us for help.

We are licensed Realtors in the State of Colorado. Many of the deals we locate either do not have a realtor who has listed them, are listed by the bank appointed Realtor or are listed on the general market with a Realtor and appear to be a desperate seller needing to unload their home. We are paid by the bank, listing realtor, seller or the buyers themselves depending on the arrangements. Typically, cash buyers pay us direct when we are bidding at the foreclosure auction.

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