How To Locate Homes For Sale in Colorado Springs

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How To Locate Homes For Sale in Colorado Springs 1

Looking for homes for sale in Colorado Springs is a pretty easy task, there are thousands of them. However, identifying the good deal is not as easy. There are different types of sellers out there:

1) Sellers who don’t need to sell and want to test the market to see if they can get a certain price.
2) Sellers who are under water and need more than the home is worth to get out of their home.
3) Sellers who are more emotional about their home and want every dime they put into the home plus additional perceived equity.
4) Sellers who are realistic about the sale of their home and are willing to negotiate.
5) Sellers who are desperate to sell for various reasons and do not want the home to sit on the market very long.
6) Sellers who have no emotion about price and terms and negotiate based on numbers and logic. (Builders, Banks, Corporations)

Identifying sellers motivations are often very difficult and sometimes impossible. Many Realtors don’t even attempt to discover this type of information when working with buyers. A sign of a good Real Estate Broker is not only how much they know about the Colorado Springs real estate market, but also how much information they can discover about a home and the sellers motivations before making an offer. No buyer wants to waste their time making offers on homes who have difficult, unrealistic sellers who have overpriced homes or owe more than what the home is worth.
This is why it is important to find home prospects in Colorado Springs that may be priced right in the first place. Then a home buyers expectations can be more realistic when making an offer. Watch the video above to see how we find and locate homes for our buyers. The process is less about locating the good deals and more about eliminating the not so good deals.

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