Colorado Springs Homes For Sale

Do you know the area around your new home?

What would an impulsive home buyer decision look like?

– Playground next to a nuclear power plant

– An old high school plagued with misfits and an unfair student-teacher ratio

– Maybe even a single house in the middle of a construction minefield

Many homeowners learn the hard way when they realize that the nearest elementary school is 4 miles away or they come home to a broken front door because of the neighborhood they live in.

Sometimes homeowners overlook the surrounding environment around their new homes. Getting caught up in a new grand fireplace, home elevators, or even an indoor swimming pool could deter a homeowner from important surrounding features.

But what is being overlooked in the process of buying new homes?


Brian O’Connell of MainStreet states, Bad neighbors can be a serious problem, according to the Appraisal Institute. An unkempt yard, proximity to a sex offender or having certain commercial facilities nearby, such as a power plant or funeral home, can reduce the value of surrounding homes by as much as 15%.

Common sense aside, when viewing a possible future home, visiting new neighbors is not an easy thing. In fact, try asking them if they could tidy up their yard or pay their bills on time because the value of YOUR home is decreasing.

Thing is, location is a primary point of focus that Acquire Homes, Inc. utilizes when finding the right home for you.

The new Property Search tool that Acquire Homes, Inc. has added to their website is a great tool when finding homes for sale in Colorado Springs.

This new property search includes features such as

Homes for sale, Land features of properties, Rentals, Farms/Ranches, and New Construction.

-Lifestyle (Schools, Places of Worship, Shopping, Restaurants & Coffee, Golf & Fitness, Hotels & Transportation, Hospitals, Community, and many more sub-categories).

– And even valuation reports for the homes in your area!

This all in one property search tool allows you to decide the perfect location for your new home!

Why wait?

Take advantage of this property search tool because none other than the team of Acquire Homes, Inc. can find you the dream home you have been searching for!

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