Colorado Springs government protects us from fireworks?

Colorado Springs Fireworks


As long as I can remember as a kid, we had fireworks on the 4th of July. The family would go out into the street and lite fountains and other various fireworks. There were even those kids whos parents drove to Cheyenne Wyoming and brought back “Roman Candles” and “Black Cats” for even more fun. It was a blast. I always wondered why some of those fireworks were illegal in Colorado Springs. I never saw anyone lose a finger, put out an eye or start their home on fire. I guess there are statistics out there somewhere about that….soooo lets look them up.

In 2014 there is a report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in June of 2015 that tells us that an estimated 7,000 injuries across the country were directly related to fireworks and 7 people died from firework related injuries. I tried to find Colorado Springs Statistics on it, but i am sure it is so low that it is not even worthy of wasting time on it.

So, it appears that fireworks can cause injury or even kill you. But, geez….. I can think of a lot of things that are dangerous and injure more people than that every year. So, what is it that Colorado Springs officials see or fear that we don’t? I mean, if I take my family out into the street surrounded by homes and concrete, is there actually fear of forest fires? Is it because they really care about our well being? Maybe they are just wanting to be “fair” to every one across El Paso County.

This year in 2016 the law outlaws any firework that must be lit to work.

I really do not get why they are so paranoid and make them all illegal. I find it actually….ridiculous! I used to think it was just a bunch of old people who did not want to us to have fun, but now I am one of those old people. The people making the rules now are more or less from my generation. What is wrong with us?

According to “Mothers Against Drunk Driving” (MADD) 28.7 million people in 2014 admitted to driving under the influence. Drinking and driving in 2014 killed 9,967 and injured 290,000 people. They say that someone is hurt in a drunk driving related crash every 2 minutes.

Wow! Those are some real statistics…..and….yet…..alcohol is perfectly legal and can be purchased on every corner.

SO……..what is wrong with fireworks in Colorado Springs? Why can’t they make them legal within the city limits? Why can’t they make them legal as long as they are lit in the street or on concrete? Isn’t there some sort of compromise other than banning us from the enjoyment we have always known in the past?

Why do we sit around and let them control us like this? We need to get on the phone and call them to protest…we need to write them an email of protest…maybe picket town hall in protest….Who am I fooling….that will never happen in this day and age. As long as we have our phones, Internet, Facebook, Youtube, Xbox and big T.V. we will allow them to make whatever laws they want.

We can just watch the professional firework shows throughout the city.

What’s your opinion?

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