5 Ways You Can Make Moving Less Stressful

how to make moving less stressful

Moving is considered one of the major stressors anyone can experience in a lifetime. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that moving to another location is apparently more stressful than breakups or divorce. This is primarily because you are eliminating the life and routines you are used to by transitioning to a new […]

Annoying Realtors (5 Reasons To Hire One)

Real Estate Agents Are Annoying, Aren't They?

annoying realtors 5 REASONS TO HIRE ONE In this article I am going to tell you 5 reasons you need an annoying realtor. And they are… Licensing Experience Marketing Full-Time Knowledge and Resources You may think realtors are annoying (and so do I), but these 5 reason are why you need them. Share on facebook […]

Are Real Estate Taxes The Same As Property Taxes?

Are Real Estate Taxes The Same As Property Taxes

There are several different types of Real Estate Taxes. However, I do think when someone asks the question “Are Real Estate Taxes the same as Property Taxes?” They are correct in what they are assuming. It is better answered this way….Property Taxes are Real Estate Taxes.

Pros and Cons of Being a Part-Time Real Estate Agent

Pros and Cons of Being a Part-Time Real Estate Agent 1

Can real estate agents work part time? Let me put it this way. Just in Colorado Springs, Colorado alone there are over 4,500 licensed real estate agents. How many agents do you think there are in the the entire United States? Your guess is as good as mine. WAY TO MANY!

How to choose a realtor (A sellers guide)

How to choose a realtor (A sellers guide) 2

When choosing a realtor to sell your home there is one major thing you need to keep in mind. How are they going to market your home? Below are a few tools you want to make sure your agent is utilizing when marketing your home. These tools will ensure that your home is getting the […]

Locating Bank Owned Homes In Colorado Springs

Bank Owned Home

We are now ending our 5th year after the real estate crash. It is increasingly becoming more difficult to find and locate “Bank Owned” homes in Colorado Springs. There are several reasons for this: 1) The amount of foreclosures have dropped. 2) Shadow inventory is being sold. 3) Banks are not disclosing “Bank Owned” homes […]

The Benefits of Owning a Home

5548 Vantage Vista Dr

The Benefits of Owning a Home by Carla Hill We all know the social benefits of owning a home. Homeownership gives family stability, creates lower high school dropout rates, and of course gives the opportunity to create meaningful and lasting relationships. In addition to these great pluses, owning a home can be your largest financial […]

Reading the Foreclosure Lists

In order to help you find the best deals that come available, we have had to watch the market for homes before they hit the market as REO/bank owned listings. The lists provided are the lists we get 20 hours before the foreclosure sale. All properties that are foreclosed will be sold either at the […]

Foreclosure process and purchasing windows

Foreclosure process and purchasing windows: There are several windows of opportunity in which to purchase a good deal. Explaining the foreclosure process will help you in determining when to buy or wait for another buying window. The windows are: Resale, Short Sale, Foreclosure Auction, Offer Direct to Bank or finally REO (bank owned). Resale: This […]