Fixer-Upper Loans – FAQ

Are there gov’t programs for rehab? The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Section 203 (K) rehabilitation loan program is designed to facilitate major structural rehabilitation of houses with one to four units that are more than one year old. Condominiums are not eligible. The 203(K) loan is usually done as a combination loan […]

Reversed Annuity Mortgages – FAQ

What is a reverse mortgage loan? A reverse mortgage is a special type of loan available only to equity-rich, older homeowners. Such owners can borrow against the equity they have built up over the years, but no repayment is necessary until the borrower sells the property or moves elsewhere. If the borrower dies before the […]

Cash Home Buyer – FAQ

What about an all-cash offer? Although most home buyers could never buy a property with all cash, anyone considering such a move (or who has bought a lottery ticket lately) may be wondering how to approach such a deal. Because buyers sidestep the tedious and time-consuming loan qualification process, the deal can close very quickly. […]

State Mortgage Programs – FAQ

Do states offer help to home buyers? Most states have a housing finance agency, usually located in the state capital, which offers help for first-time home buyers.