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Colorado Springs government protects us from fireworks?

  As long as I can remember as a kid, we had fireworks on the 4th of July. The family would go out into the street and lite fountains and other various fireworks. There were even those kids whos parents drove to Cheyenne Wyoming and brought back "Roman Candles" and "Black Cats" for even more fun. It was a blast. I always wondered why some of those fireworks were illegal in Colorado Springs. I never [...]

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Colorado Springs Balloon Glow

Every year in Colorado Springs there is a festival of hot air balloons that fly over Colorado Springs. Many balloonists come from other States for this event on Labor Day. It is held at Memorial Park from September 3-5 and is celebrating its 40th year. There is estimated 150,000 of our city brothers and sisters who come to enjoy. In 2015 there were 65 balloons that launched. This particular event is the balloon glow that is [...]

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Black Forest Colorado Springs

The Black Forest area of Colorado Springs encompasses some 200,000 acres. The area is heavily wooded with some open grassland areas, primarily on the southern boundary, and is characterized by mostly 5 acre and larger lots in a rural setting. This beautiful area was named by a German Immigrant who thought that the dark hue of the Ponderosa Pine very closely resembled The Black Forest in Germany. The area abounds in wildlife, and horses are [...]

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Snow Day Colorado Springs February 2013

Every once in a while we get a good snow day in Colorado Springs. This is a video of what it looks like when we get 6-10 inches of snow. Roads do get slippery, cars get stuck, but schools get cancelled, kids come out to play and people relax. It is a great time to slow down and enjoy life. In Colorado Springs we are lucky to have enough snow to cancel school one day [...]

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Colorado Springs Northeast

The Colorado Springs Northeast side of town is really a missed gem by many people relocating to the area. When people are searching the internet for the best places to live in Colorado Springs, many times they overlook this area. I always tell people that this area is where the locals buy homes and they let the people from other States purchase smaller homes in the overpriced areas that they somehow discovered on the internet. [...]

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Why Use Acquire To Buy A Home

Why should someone in Colorado Springs or someone who is relocating to Colorado Springs want to use Acquire to purchase a home for sale? The answer is very simple: We know the area. We are not just new transplants to Colorado Springs who decided to get a real estate license. Some of us were raised here. I personally remember going out to powers to shoot our guns in the junk yard. I also remember when [...]

Old Colorado City Colorado Springs

Old Colorado city Colorado Springs is one of the historic areas in Colorado Springs where 100's of thousands of visitors come to visit every year. Old Colorado city was established in 1859 and consists of homes built from that time period to the early 1960's. An interesting fact about Old Colorado city is that it was named the capital of the Colorado territory in 1861 and the legislature met in an old rustic cabin off [...]

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Briargate Colorado Springs

The Briargate area in Colorado Springs has become one of the most popular areas in Colorado Springs to purchase homes. It consists of over 9,600 acres of developed land that includes over 4.5 miles of trail systems that all interlock together and 10 different community parks. These trail systems, parks and many other recreational things to do in Briargate provide a quality of life that many residents enjoy today. Neighborhood homes can be quaint homes [...]

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