Home Inspections: What You Need To Know

Home Inspections: What You Need To Know 1

A home inspection is when a paid professional inspector — often a contractor or an engineer — inspects the home, searching for defects or other problems that might plague the owner later on.

6 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Colorado Springs

Young Couple Unpacking Boxes

Not only is Colorado Springs a beautiful city in its own right, but it is also well known for being a great place to relocate. From the stunning natural surroundings to the affordable housing prices, Colorado Springs is a great place to call home. The laidback atmosphere and friendly residents are an added bonus.  Of […]

What Is Earnest Money – The Definitive Guide

What Is Earnest Money - The Definitive Guide 4

If any of you have bought or sold a house before, or are currently going through the home selling or buying process, you have probably heard about earnest money. But what is earnest money?  Is it a handful of money just thrown at the seller to keep?  How much should the Seller ask for?  Earnest […]

The 11 Most Essential Steps of the Home-Buying Process

The 11 Most Essential Steps of the Home-Buying Process 5

In order to help make your experience as smooth as possible, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 most essential steps involved in buying a home. If you’re serious about preparing for the home buying process, this step-by-step guide is a great place to start!

5 Ways You Can Make Moving Less Stressful

how to make moving less stressful

Moving is considered one of the major stressors anyone can experience in a lifetime. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that moving to another location is apparently more stressful than breakups or divorce. This is primarily because you are eliminating the life and routines you are used to by transitioning to a new […]

Annoying Realtors (5 Reasons To Hire One)

Real Estate Agents Are Annoying, Aren't They?

annoying realtors 5 REASONS TO HIRE ONE In this article I am going to tell you 5 reasons you need an annoying realtor. And they are… Licensing Experience Marketing Full-Time Knowledge and Resources You may think realtors are annoying (and so do I), but these 5 reason are why you need them. Share on facebook […]