Buyer Resources

What are patio homes and should you get one?

Patio Homes are built in a community of homes that can be attached through shared walls or individual detached houses. The exterior maintenance, landscaping, trash, snow removal, exterior insurance, common grounds, and common water are all provided through a Homeowners Association (HOA) fees. We will tell you who typically purchases Patio Homes, the difference between a condo and patio home, how to finance them and what they cost. We will also discuss the way they [...]

What Does A Realtor Do For A Buyer?

Have you ever wondered or asked “what does a realtor do for a buyer?” I have asked this many times myself. So let’s dissect it. Our first priority is helping you find a home, but before we can start searching we have to know what you are pre-qualified for. A lender will approve you for a loan based on your financial situation. Once you are pre-approved we start searching for homes that meet your criteria. [...]

Avoid This Scam After Purchasing a Home

You just bought a home after months of looking, filling out paperwork, signing loan documents and your new deed. You get handed the keys to your new home. It is the American Dream come true and you are excited to get the truck and start moving in. Does that sound familiar? You think that everything is over and the only care you have is to get everything moved in, situated and decorated. Maybe you [...]

How to choose a realtor (A sellers guide)

When choosing a realtor to sell your home there is one major thing you need to keep in mind. How are they going to market your home? Below are a few tools you want to make sure your agent is utilizing when marketing your home. These tools will ensure that your home is getting the most exposure possible. 1) Do they have a strong online presence? An online presence is very important when trying to [...]

Why Use Acquire To Buy A Home

Why should someone in Colorado Springs or someone who is relocating to Colorado Springs want to use Acquire to purchase a home for sale? The answer is very simple: We know the area. We are not just new transplants to Colorado Springs who decided to get a real estate license. Some of us were raised here. I personally remember going out to powers to shoot our guns in the junk yard. I also remember when [...]

Locating Bank Owned Homes In Colorado Springs

We are now ending our 5th year after the real estate crash. It is increasingly becoming more difficult to find and locate "Bank Owned" homes in Colorado Springs. There are several reasons for this: 1) The amount of foreclosures have dropped. 2) Shadow inventory is being sold. 3) Banks are not disclosing "Bank Owned" homes anymore due to copper thieves. 4) Banks are completing more modifications or short sales with sellers. 5) Banks are over [...]

How To Locate Homes For Sale in Colorado Springs

Looking for homes for sale in Colorado Springs is a pretty easy task, there are thousands of them. However, identifying the good deal is not as easy. There are different types of sellers out there: 1) Sellers who don't need to sell and want to test the market to see if they can get a certain price. 2) Sellers who are under water and need more than the home is worth to get out of [...]

The Benefits of Owning a Home

The Benefits of Owning a Home by Carla Hill We all know the social benefits of owning a home. Homeownership gives family stability, creates lower high school dropout rates, and of course gives the opportunity to create meaningful and lasting relationships. In addition to these great pluses, owning a home can be your largest financial asset. First, you'll have access to homeowner tax breaks, which include the mortgage interest deduction (MID), property tax deduction, and [...]