Patio Homes Explained – What Are Patio Homes?


Patio Homes are built in a community of homes that can be attached through shared walls or individual detached houses. The exterior maintenance, landscaping, trash, snow removal, exterior insurance, common grounds, and common water are all provided through Homeowners Association (HOA) fees.

We will tell you who typically purchases Patio Homes, the difference between a condo and patio home, how to finance them, and what they cost. We will also discuss the way they are built and the amenities provided in Patio Home communities. When it is time to downsize your life a Patio Home is a great option.

Who Typically Buys Patio Homes

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Typically, the buyers of Patio Homes are mid-life professionals or retired people. A patio home is designed so that you can purchase it, move in, and just live. Many retired people work their entire life accumulating money and purchasing their dream homes only to realize in retirement that they want to travel to see kids, grandkids, or friends in their retirement. Their home may be too large and too hard to keep up with as the years go by. There comes a time when downsizing becomes the next chapter in their lives. Patio Homes become the best choice.  

Why would you want to purchase a patio home

Patio Home Community - What are patio homes and should you get one?

There is no exterior upkeep of the home whatsoever. It makes it easy for the traveling owner who may travel months at a time. They simply turn off lights, lock the doors, and travel. A patio home neighborhood is typically designed whereby no one would ever know that the traveler is gone. They are good for the professional who is very busy and does not have time to maintain a yard, yet would like to have beautiful landscapes to enjoy. Many patio home neighborhoods are gated communities. They provide safety and convenience. Not to mention that the neighborhood is full of people who are in the same chapter of life.

The Difference Between a Patio Home and Condo

A Patio home is not considered a condo. Condos are homes whereby the owner does not own the land underneath the condo. That is why condominiums can be stacked many stories high. A Patio Home is a unit where the owner does own the land just beneath the home. However, the owner does not own the land surrounding the home, it is owned by the HOA which is owned by everyone.

How much do patio homes cost

Patio Homes range in price. There are small Patio Homes and large Patio Homes. They are built in lower-income communities all the way to very high-income communities. They can be anywhere from $250,000-$1,000,000. Each buyer has the ability to find a Patio Home that fits their financial needs.

Is a Patio Home easy to Finance

Financing for Patio Homes is done through traditional mortgages with a bank or mortgage lender.

The Patio Home itself is not the main factor in the financing, but since the HOA takes care of the exterior, they are generally in good condition. This helps it meet lender condition guidelines to loan money. However, each loan is actually based on the financial status of the buyer.

Can you have a patio home custom built

Generally, a Patio Home community is developed with a builder who has multiple plans to choose from. Each lot is plotted to hold a certain plan or size. Patio Homes cannot usually be built custom on the exterior, but certain builders can customize the interior in the way of upgrades desired by the buyer.

What amenities usually come with a patio home

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Patio Homes are in communities that have a Homeowners Association that charges a fee based on the amenities provided. The basic things an HOA provides are exterior maintenance, lawn maintenance, exterior insurance on your home, trash removal, snow removal, common utilities (such as water), and the management and enforcement of the covenants. Sometimes there are other amenities like a pool, clubhouse, or gym depending on the area.

Do patio homes allow pets

Patio Homes Explained – What Are Patio Homes? 3

Many communities allow pets, however, there may be restrictions on types of pets allowed, the number of pets you can have, and size. It is always recommended to read all the rules and covenants before purchasing a Patio Home.


We are Patio Home experts and we know how difficult it is to cross over into that new chapter of downsizing. Our job begins with the education of what is out there to meet your needs. Whether you are able to purchase a $250,000 – $1,000,000 Patio Home, want certain amenities, or have pets, there is a perfect patio home out there for you.

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