How To Double Your Money Investing In Real Estate


So many people put their trust in the stock market and send billions and billions of dollars every year to professional money managers. Some people are scared to invest in anything but CD’s at their local bank paying less than 1% on cash. Trust me, I worked at a bank for 10 years….Cd’s are worthless…really.

There is a little financial rule out there called the rule of 72, you may have heard of it…that rule is a basic calculation to see how long it will take to double your money based on the average interest rate you earn. If you divide 72 by the interest rate, you will get the time period in which your money will double. Example: if you earn an average of 11% per year on your money, divide 72 by 11 and it = 6.5 years.

Let’s take that figure and say that someone has 20 years until retirement. $100,000 will double 3 times if you average 11% on your money. If you are earning 2% in a locked CD at the bank, your money will double every 36 years. That is a stark difference. Not a good investment for sure!

I am here to say that it is possible to double your money in the Colorado Springs Real Estate Market in 1.4 years. Just view this video of a very basic example of how it can be done.
Obviously, there are many variables, but I can sit down with you and discuss your situation and cater a plan to make you some money. I know by experience. My only claim to fame is making other people wealthy by owning real estate.

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