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When I became a Realtor in Colorado Springs, I wanted to be the best in the city. It did not take me long to realize that it would take more than being friendly.

I essentially had what many other Realtors had. Personality, MLS membership, website, CRM database, web presence, and many other things.

I had the desire to help my clients sell their homes for more money than anyone else and to sell them faster. But, how can I stand above everyone else?

The AHA Moment

One Day I landed an incredible listing and I really wanted to impress my clients with how much money I could get them. So I ran out and bought a better camera than my cell phone.

Wow! It really worked great and my clients were happy. However, something about that camera still did not satisfy me…

I wanted to get better.

I found myself upgrading over and over until I soon had over $20,000 in video production equipment and state of the art cameras. I realized each time that the higher the quality of the camera, the more money I could obtain for my clients and the home would sell faster.

“Is Making Real Estate Videos Easy”

It took me years and about 300 home sales to master the art of marketing through Real Estate video production and Professional Real Estate photography.

It wasn’t just about how to use a camera, it was about learning what buyers responded too.

I mean, a boring 10-minute video of an ugly house kept buyer’s attention for about 24 seconds before they backed out. So all that work was a complete waste.

I learned exactly what kept the buyer’s attention and it helped me sell my client’s homes “fast” and for top dollar.

It was all in the photography and video production. Capturing the buyer’s emotions is key!

“How to do Professional Real Estate Photography and Video Production”

I have some good news, you do not have to go out and purchase $20,000 worth of video production equipment, software programs or cameras.

I am here to tell you today, that I have found a company that will do it all for me so I can focus on meeting with more seller clients and getting new business.

The company is called (Real Estate Home Marketing)  and they meet the standard of expertise that I have learned over the years.

They have helped me increase my volume to the point that I was inducted into the Elite 25 last year.

I would never use another company. You cannot teach the art that is natural to these guys.

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