7 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Resale Value


Every homeowner after making the decision of selling the abode tries to gain more amount as it was
spent while purchasing. But this will not possible in some cases, because every day there is an
upbringing of the latest interior and exterior design. So, the other way of increasing home value is
renovation. Adding the value before selling increases the market value of your house. Doing so ensures
the homeowner gains maximum return by selling the living space.

Remodeling adds value to your home with a margin of return. On the other hand, some homeowners do
not want to do a little effort into hiring a professional team and think that this would be tiresome and
lengthy. But with the addition of new colors, there will add to your home’s value.

Thus, it is essential to go with the option of adding a new trend in your home which increases home
value. But, “What adds value to the home?” The response to this question can obtain by considering the
following best yet simple tips to improve your home’s resale value:

1) Decluttering Cleanliness

The first step of adding value to your home before going to any interior or exterior is decluttering.
Decreasing the stuff that is junk removal from the home provides an essence of calmness. This could be
possible if you hire a team of professionals. The cost for junk removal professionals is ranging from 100
USD to 850 USD, depending upon the size of the house and the efforts of the professionals.

After decluttering, you have saved a lot of space for further interior design according to the latest
trend. Additionally, decluttering reduces the dust and other mildew that might trigger asthmatic and
allergic patients. Therefore, for improved lifestyle and addition to the values before reselling, the
process of decluttering is necessary. 

2) Repairing and Updating the Technology 

During the process of renovation, the next significant step is to inspect the current technological devices
in the home. To keep the devices in functional form, if necessary, repair them. If not replace the
material or devices by keeping in mind the formula of energy efficiency. In terms of repair, if you have a
broken garage door or you want to avail classic metal roofing system, hiring a professional will make it
all easier.

On the other hand, the updating of electronic home appliances such as AC into HVAC will worth
significant. Not only this, the selection of LED TV, LED bulbs or tube lights, and other energy-efficient
devices will lower the cost of your utility bills in the future.

Not only this, the other components of the home such as windows, tables, bathroom vanity, staircase,
etc. all have to inspect with great inspection to increase home value before selling.  

3) Ideas from Interior Designer

A homeowner should obtain valuable suggestions from experts to increase home value. Spending an
hour with a professional interior designer will also guide you about renovation techniques. Usually, the
starting consultation fee is 100 USD per hour. In this limited amount, almost every person can avail of
the services of any professional interior designer. But some homeowners think that relay on one
designer is not enough. Thus, consulting with more than 2 interior designs will increase the chance of
adding value to your home before selling. 

According to these pieces of advice, the homeowner has to inspect the entire home and should have
some visual imagination related to renovation. Although the professional designers are trained in how
to suggest to the homeowner about beautiful renovation techniques, but also the point of consideration
is that these should be within the budget of the household head. Inspection on your own from other
designers will also figure out the selection of colors or other equipment based on your taste, budget,
and time.

Therefore, if you decided to resale your home, you must take suggestions from a professional interior
designer for adding value to your home before selling. 

4) Curb Appeal

Simple and elegant furnishing of the home will ultimately add a valuable essence of attractiveness. But
the appeal of new furniture is not complete without the selection of unique color schemes that provide
a soothing impact to viewers. In order to add a valuable stance to the interior of the house, the exterior
has preferred first. The exterior walls, terrace, garage, roof’s surface, external doors, and windows
should wash properly.

Afterward, a new ceiling, new flooring, and new electric connection will smear if necessary. Thus, in the
future, the next step is to fit, repair, and replace all the necessary items of dwell such as electronic
devices, LED bulbs, LED tube lights, Fans, LED TV, Sofa Sets, Tables, HVAC, etc. Not only this but also, the
color of paint on walls also adds value to the home.

The coating of fresh paint in the home enhances the ambiance of the entire living space at the cost of 25
USD, very affordable. But the selection of color is the main thing to be considered.
The application of natural colors such as white, light green, blue, pink, and peach with the combination
of dark colors that as mustard, black, red, and maroon increase the value of the atmosphere of home.
Hence, curb appeal is based on all the above steps that would definitely increase home value before

5) Spruce your Interior Space

As mentioned in the earlier head, with the implementation of fresh paint, a new look of the living place
is formed. This is also considered as relief from the stress. In addition to this, with the coating of light
paint inside the room, the light and air quality will improve. With the correct selection of paint such as
oil paints, the dust and other particles will clean with the use of soap and dusters.

The new splash of color scheme will increase the home value before resale, but it is not just a factor
upon which a homeowner is relayed. The placing of other things such as wall items (mirrors, paintings,
and other wall pieces), and artificial trees or plants, will also add a valuable appearance to the living
domain of the homeowner.

Therefore, with the increase in the level of awareness among homeowners about interior design, a list
of things is showing with a vast variety of interior options. 

6) Updated Look of Kitchen 

Every room or partitioning of the home has based on a different kind of interior. From color selection to
the finalization of furniture, and from the ceiling bulb to the bathroom’s vanity, the spaces of the house
require different interior designing. In terms of the kitchen, the selection of color and quality of tiles
matters a lot.

A kitchen is the central and core corner of the house that has utilized by every member, so the interior
of the kitchen has to be selective. There has some space in the kitchen for serving and eating food. Thus,
the maximization of space in the kitchen is the ultimate goal. 

If the homeowner has enough space in the kitchen, the help of the kitchen designer will benefit. It is
studied from the report of NAR/NARI that the estimated cost required for the entire remodeling of the kitchen is 80,000 USD. But if you want to increase home value, you have to add some unique features in the kitchen such as automatic doors, security locks in outer windows, the use of space in cabinets with
automatic handling features, etc.

This will be adding value to your home before selling. By talking with the real estate consultant about
the features of automation in the kitchen, the potential buyer will pay more cash which indicates that it
increases the value of your home.  

7) Stagging of Home

Stagging of the home is the term used in the field of real estate. When you listed your home as reselling
through a professional real estate official, the next step is to stagging your home. It means that as a
homeowner you have to prepare the entire home with attractive and beautiful things that will impress
the buyers. Stagging is the most effective technique in the real estate world. this is Because it provides
an opportunity of producing a good amount of profit. Therefore, with the implementation of this
technique before the potential client arrives, it might be possible to get more money than you invested

Final Words

Considering the explained significant tips related to improving your home’s resale value, it would
increase home value. Adding value to your home will increase the chances of receiving profit after
selling the home. In a nutshell, among all 7 tips for improvement, the most significant ones are painting
and stagging.

With the application of attractive but soothing color for paint and by following the initial steps of
stagging, you can sell your home for a handsome amount.

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