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Are Real Estate Taxes The Same As Property Taxes

Are Real Estate Taxes The Same As Property Taxes?

There are several different types of Real Estate Taxes. However, I do think when someone asks the question “Are Real Estate Taxes the same as Property Taxes?” They are correct in what they are assuming. It is better answered this way….Property Taxes are Real Estate Taxes.

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Pros and Cons of Being a Part-Time Real Estate Agent

Can real estate agents work part time? Let me put it this way. Just in Colorado Springs, Colorado alone there are over 4,500 licensed real estate agents. How many agents do you think there are in the the entire United States? Your guess is as good as mine. WAY TO MANY!

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Garage Organizing at Its Best

Garage Organizing at its Best!   You know, there are always those obscure businesses that you run into that make you say…..”What a Genius Idea”…..”Why didn’t

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