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When I became a Realtor in Colorado Springs, I wanted to be the best in the city. It did not take me long to realize that it would take more than being friendly. It took the desire to help my clients sell their homes for more money than any one else and to sell them faster. I soon bought $20,000 in video production equipment and state of the art cameras. It took me years and about 500 home sale to master the art of selling my clients homes for top dollar. It was all in the photography and video production. I am here to tell you today, that I have found a company (Real Estate Home Marketing) that will do it all for me with the standard of expertise that I have learned over the years. Now I can focus on helping more clients sell their homes. They have helped me increase my volume to the point that I was inducted into the Elite 25 last year. I would never use another company. You cannot teach the art that is natural to these guys.


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