Avoid This Scam After Purchasing a Home

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You just bought a home after months of looking, filling out paperwork, signing loan documents and your new deed. You get handed the keys to your new home. It is the American Dream come true and you are excited to get the truck and start moving in. Does that sound familiar? You think that everything is over and the only care you have is to get everything moved in, situated and decorated. Maybe you are even planning a house warming party. But, what is happening in the next 30 days is that your deed is being recorded with the county, officially stamped with a recording number and then sent to you (For Free) to your new address. While that is going through the governmental process, you get this in the mail.





After all the hoops you have jumped through and all the money you just paid for your home, it appears that you owe $86 for your deed. But if you read this carefully, you will see that the company states in the notice that it is not affiliated with any government. It looks so official though, who is this company? The first thing I did was google the address and lo and behold it is a UPS mailbox store in Glendale California next to a grocery store. (Here are all the reviews on the companies google page)

Then a quick look at the State of California’s Secretary of State business licenses, you will see that the business license has been suspended. (See that Record Here) So you scratch you head and wonder why this company is allowed to scam new homeowners across the entire nation? Well, it is because 10’s of thousands of homeowners who receive these letters either pay or throw them away. They are too busy moving and getting settled. They do not have time to go to the Better Business Bureau to complain. There are only 2 complaints on the company. Google only has 23 complaints. If you are reading this blog and have received this letter or bought a home recently, beware of this scam. Please complain on both links above if you object to being scammed by this suspended company. You will receive your signed deed from the county recorders office. DO NOT PAY!

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