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About Rob Reinmuth

Your Colorado Springs Realtor, Rob Reinmuth, is the owner of Acquire Homes, Inc. He is a Colorado Real Estate broker who comes from 10 years in the banking industry. Established in 1989 in Colorado Springs as a real estate investor himself, Rob has negotiated 100’s of property transactions with success. Rob believes his Clients homes to be the most important investments of their lives. He was inducted into the Elite 25 of Colorado Springs in 2017 which consists of some of the highest volume selling agents in Colorado Springs. Rob has a Son who serves in the United States Marine Corp and a Daughter in College. He grew up in Colorado Springs and knows it well.

Real Estate Agents are so Annoying, Aren’t They?

When it comes to buying and selling real estate in the Colorado Springs area, There are a lot of people who look at real estate agents with a slanted eye. I mean, anyone can get a real estate license, besides, real estate agents are really annoying, aren't they? They are almost in the same category as used car salesman, right? Why do we need Realtors anyway? Well, unfortunately the industry has been plagued with people [...]

Locating Bank Owned Homes In Colorado Springs

We are now ending our 5th year after the real estate crash. It is increasingly becoming more difficult to find and locate "Bank Owned" homes in Colorado Springs. There are several reasons for this: 1) The amount of foreclosures have dropped. 2) Shadow inventory is being sold. 3) Banks are not disclosing "Bank Owned" homes anymore due to copper thieves. 4) Banks are completing more modifications or short sales with sellers. 5) Banks are over [...]

How To Double Your Money Investing In Real Estate

So many people put their trust in the stock market and send billions and billions of dollars every year to professional money managers. Some people are scared to invest in anything but CD's at their local bank paying less than 1% on cash. Trust me, I worked at a bank for 10 years....Cd's are worthless...really. There is a little financial rule out there called the rule of 72, you may have heard of it...that rule [...]

How To Locate Homes For Sale in Colorado Springs

Looking for homes for sale in Colorado Springs is a pretty easy task, there are thousands of them. However, identifying the good deal is not as easy. There are different types of sellers out there: 1) Sellers who don't need to sell and want to test the market to see if they can get a certain price. 2) Sellers who are under water and need more than the home is worth to get out of [...]

Colorado Springs Foreclosure Sale 10/10/2012

50 properties came out Tuesday on the El Paso County Public Trustee sale list slotted for foreclosure. 12 of those homes were pulled from the list before the auction by the banks attorneys. The reasons for pulling properties include bancruptcy filings, continuations made by banks and/or the property deficiency was cured. 38 properties were sold at auction, in which 4 were sold to investors and 34 went back to the banks. Foreclosures will start coming [...]

Colorado Springs Foreclosure Sale 10/03/12

This week there were 58 properties on the El Paso County Public Trustee sale list. By time of the sale, 9 homes were pulled from the list for various reasons. These reasons include bancruptcy filings, continuations made by banks and/or the property deficiency was cured. Out of the 49 properties that were left for auction 4 were sold to investors and 45 went back to the banks. The 45 Colorado Springs foreclosures will start coming [...]

Briargate Colorado Springs

The Briargate area in Colorado Springs has become one of the most popular areas in Colorado Springs to purchase homes. It consists of over 9,600 acres of developed land that includes over 4.5 miles of trail systems that all interlock together and 10 different community parks. These trail systems, parks and many other recreational things to do in Briargate provide a quality of life that many residents enjoy today. Neighborhood homes can be quaint homes [...]

How To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar in Colorado Springs

How to sell your home for top dollar How To Sell Your Home For Top $$ When it comes to selling a home in the Colorado Springs real estate market, many people make the mistake of choosing a Realtor like they would choose a local contractor bid to paint their home. That is, by choosing the lowest bid by a Realtor to sell their home. As the old cliche goes, "you get what you pay [...]

Hail Storm in Colorado Springs

We have had a series of several large hail storms in the last few days. If you are living in the Colorado Springs real estate market you are going to want to call your insurance company to have your roof and siding checked out. The insurance company may be paying for a new roof and a new paint job on your home. When hail hits your roof, it tears a small hole or makes an [...]

The Benefits of Owning a Home

The Benefits of Owning a Home by Carla Hill We all know the social benefits of owning a home. Homeownership gives family stability, creates lower high school dropout rates, and of course gives the opportunity to create meaningful and lasting relationships. In addition to these great pluses, owning a home can be your largest financial asset. First, you'll have access to homeowner tax breaks, which include the mortgage interest deduction (MID), property tax deduction, and [...]