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About Rob Reinmuth

Rob Reinmuth, a Colorado real estate broker, comes from 10 years in the banking and mortgage industry. Established in 1989 in Colorado Springs as a real estate investor himself, Rob has negotiated 100′s of property transactions with success. Rob believes his Clients homes to be the most important investments of their lives. Let Rob Reinmuth have the privilege to serve you. It is a good thing to have broker services from someone who lives and breathes real estate as a lifestyle.

Avoid This Scam After Purchasing a Home

You just bought a home after months of looking, filling out paperwork, signing loan documents and your new deed. You get handed the keys to your new home. It is the American Dream come true and you are excited to get the truck and start moving in. Does that sound familiar? You think that everything is over and the only care you have is to get everything moved in, situated and decorated. Maybe you [...]

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Best Colorado Springs Real Estate Photographers

Colorado Springs Real Estate Photography When I became a Realtor in Colorado Springs, I wanted to be the best in the city. It did not take me long to realize that it would take more than being friendly. It took the desire to help my clients sell their homes for more money than any one else and to sell them faster. I soon bought $20,000 in video production equipment and state of the art [...]

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Garage Organizing at Its Best

Garage Organizing at its Best!   You know, there are always those obscure businesses that you run into that make you say....."What a Genius Idea"....."Why didn't I think of that? Well, that happened to me recently. My wife kept pestering me about organizing the garage and cleaning it up. I cleaned it up and cleaned it up and it just never seemed to satisfy her. The reason why? Well...because no matter how many times I cleaned [...]

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Colorado Springs government protects us from fireworks?

  As long as I can remember as a kid, we had fireworks on the 4th of July. The family would go out into the street and lite fountains and other various fireworks. There were even those kids whos parents drove to Cheyenne Wyoming and brought back "Roman Candles" and "Black Cats" for even more fun. It was a blast. I always wondered why some of those fireworks were illegal in Colorado Springs. I never [...]

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Colorado Springs Balloon Glow

Every year in Colorado Springs there is a festival of hot air balloons that fly over Colorado Springs. Many balloonists come from other States for this event on Labor Day. It is held at Memorial Park from September 3-5 and is celebrating its 40th year. There is estimated 150,000 of our city brothers and sisters who come to enjoy. In 2015 there were 65 balloons that launched. This particular event is the balloon glow that is [...]

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2016 Colorado Springs Farmers Markets

Summer is FINALLY here... and you know what that means! The farmers markets are open! One of the reasons the team at Acquire Homes loves Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas is because of the vibrant culture– that includes many of our local farmers markets from around the area. If you are looking at relocating to Pikes Peak region, the list below is what you have to look forward too. Our areas farmers markets start in June [...]

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What should we be spending on Gasoline in 2015?

What we thought they were What they were What they are now 2015 Isn't it amazing how the price of gas can make us or break us? We finally got to the point where gas prices started breaking us down. We started dumping our SUV's, buying smaller cars and completely conscientious about how much we were spending. Now, gas prices have dropped and we can all now start saving money in the bank. I think I will just deposit [...]

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How Video Will Sell Your Home

Today we live in a virtual world. It is unbelievable how many billions of views just one site such as receives each day. Take in all the social media sites together and it becomes unfathomable how much time is spent watching videos. When it comes to selling homes in Colorado Springs, making a video for the entire world to see is the key to selling a home faster and at the highest price. When buyers are [...]

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Colorado Springs 4th quarter housing statistics

2013 4th QTR HOUSING STATISTICAL REPORTS FOR PPMLS PARTICIPANTS The Colorado Association of REALTORS® (CAR) has contracted with a company called 10K to create housing statistical reports for the MLSs within the state of Colorado. The RSC Board of Directors supports this initiative. A limited amount of PPMLS listing and sold information was made available to 10k to enable them to create the reports. The RSC Directors recommended that these reports also be made available [...]

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How to choose a realtor (A sellers guide)

When choosing a realtor to sell your home there is one major thing you need to keep in mind. How are they going to market your home? Below are a few tools you want to make sure your agent is utilizing when marketing your home. These tools will ensure that your home is getting the most exposure possible. 1) Do they have a strong online presence? An online presence is very important when trying to [...]