Joseph York

Colorado Springs Realtor

Joe moved to Colorado Springs in 2016 with his wife and kids from the small mountain town of Salida after years of welding for Colorado Springs Utilities.

Since then, he has discovered a love for working with people to the goal of seeing their dreams succeed in homeownership and in the American dream.

He is focused and driven by high standards for success.

Joe is the “measure twice, cut once” kind of guy you need in Colorado’s housing market.

Diligence and integrity is a forefront theme in every transaction he leads.

His passions include hiking, biking, blacksmithing, and ANY outdoor adventuring with his family and friends.

Joseph York - Colorado Springs Realtor

What others say about Joe

I have known Joe as a good friend since he was approx 7 years old. He is one of the kindest and honest gentlemen I have known. If I needed a home around Colorado Springs, he would be the realtor I would work with.
Monty Apple
Joe is an honest, kind hearted, and motivated individual. His deep sense of empathy make’s him a wonder human being to be around and work with. He is always the first one to jump in and go the extra mile when he see’s someone in need. He always works to improve the lives of those around him, and has a compassionate and uplifting personality. If you are looking for someone who will always strive to provide the best results for you, look no further. This is your guy!
Jake McCune
Joseph is one of the most honest individuals to work with, and has a level of integrity that is unparalleled. With an engaging personality and a knowledge about real estate that is unmatched, Joseph’s hustle and tenacity allows for him to pay attention to the details within the local market to get you that dream house you’ve always wanted!
Mitchell Smith
Joe is of the highest level of integrity and character. Outstanding young man who is always diligent to carry out all responsibilities in whatever he is asked to do. If I were in the market for purchasing a home, Joe is the kind of man I would be looking for.
Darwin Speicher
I’ve known Joe for many years now and have always been impressed by his desire to do what is right for the right reasons. Joe demonstrated to me early that he is earnest and determined once he sets his mind to something. He seeks quality feedback and respects the wisdom of anyone he can learn from. He is respectful and polite in refreshing old-school ways. Joe will succeed because of his determination and faith in God.
Dan Higgins
Joe York is a great guy who is willing to help me when and wherever I need him. Very reliable and truly cares about other people. I consider him a very hard worker and pays attention to details. He is humble but confident and not afraid to take advice or ask for someone’s input. He’s just a great guy and I love him and his family.
Steve Parker