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David Tweedy was born in Kiev, Ukraine and moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado at the age of 2. Growing up, his childhood was a little different as he spoke both Russian and English which made for unique friendships that have lasted to this day. David is an entrepreneur at heart and graduated from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs with an Innovation degree in business with aspirations to launch a business locally before seeking to go scale internationally. After graduation, he went on a sabbatical completing a 10 month, 56,000 mile, 48 state road trip. Upon his return, he worked odd jobs to save enough money to afford pursuing his real estate license. With my “free” time I invest in family, friends and newcomers. The quickest way to succeed in life is to help others succeed in their lives. When someone from my generation says “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) I reply – “No, You only die once, we must live everyday.” Since I was a kid I’ve always had a passion to make the world a better place, not just for myself but for those around me. Growing up I would work odd jobs and do anything I could for the neighbors which allowed me to realize how much I enjoyed the aspects of business. I studied all things entrepreneurial and found that starting your own business around something you’re passionate about was the key to making a larger impact in the world. Since then I’ve strived to obtain my goals hoping that one day I could help others start their own businesses fueled by their passions.