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Why should someone in Colorado Springs or someone who is relocating to Colorado Springs want to use Acquire to purchase a home for sale?

The answer is very simple: We know the area. We are not just new transplants to Colorado Springs who decided to get a real estate license. Some of us were raised here. I personally remember going out to powers to shoot our guns in the junk yard. I also remember when the city dump was located next to where the new hospital is located off of Powers and Woodmen. That place seemed like a million miles out in the middle of nowhere. Now, it is practically the population center of the city. Of course, it may sound like we are old, but it doesn’t mean that at all. The city has just grown so fast. It is important to know the city’s history when buying a home.

Our job is to educate you about the real estate market in Colorado Springs so that you can make the best decisions when purchasing a home or investment. We believe Colorado Springs to be the best city in the nation to live, raise a family and ultimately retire.

We are in real estate because it is what we love. We are in the business of serving people in the largest purchase of their lives. We take extreme care in helping our clients, not only find the quality of life they seek in a home, but also locating a good deal.

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